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"21st Century Ninjutsu - A Warriors Way of Life"


Allie Alberigo is a driving force in the Martial Arts, In an era of many driven to commercial achievement alone, his integrity, passion and dedication to his art is refreshing. I am fortunate to have worked with him for many years and count him as a friend. Jeff Cohen - Co-founder of Member Solutions.


Whether Allie Alberigo is sharing his insights through packed live speaking engagements or through one of his many literary pieces, he takes you on a journey to familiar places in an enlightened way. His new book "21st Century Ninjutsu - A warriors Way of Life" is sure to please his many fans and inspire many more. Joe Galea - President of Member Solutions


I have had the honor and privilege to train as a student of Kyoshi Allie for 18 years and it has been a wonderful experience. Kyoshi's words and teachings have given me confidence taking me to incredible heights. Kyoshi Allie is truly a Master of Ninjutsu and life. I thank him for all he has given me and for all the lessons yet to come.. Frank Olmeda - Student of Shihan Allie for over two decades - L.I. Ninjutusu Centers

The martial arts are more then a sport, more then an after school activity and more than a hobby. A true martial arts master and teacher uses the training and dojo as a means to teach life's lessons and skills. These lessons and skills become part of the student's personality. Unfortunately, there are very few true martial arts masters in the USA and many martial arts instructors are self-proclaimed with a single-minded focus of selling lessons. Allie is much more than that - he is a true master - he does not sell lessons - he sells lessons on life and sells his students and all those that have been graced to know him on being the best they can be in everything they do.... a life and a world without limitations. Allie's true product is "caring," This book epitomizes this and provides a lesson for everyone to be all the can be. It is a must read for all ages! Mel Abraham, CPA, DVA, ABV, ASA, CSP -Certified Master Strategist and Success Strategist.


For Allie Alberigo the Martial Arts are not a hobby, an after work activity or something that he is just interested in: to him the Martial Arts are a LIFE-STYLE. He not only teaches the Martial Way and philosophy, he lives it. He is new book not only enhances your Martial Arts training but improves your life sills as well. Anyone can teach the art of Ninjutsu, few can inspire you to change your life and to live "The way." to look upon others and forgive, to help others grow, to be kind, to be just and to be fair. Allie Alberigo is a man to look up to and admire: this young Master of our time has the knowledge of an ancient Master of the past. John Olshlager- Nokado Schools of Self Defense, NY.


I know first hand training with Kyoshi Allie, that he share freely his wisdom and art. I have the ultimate respect for this man and consider him a teacher and a friend. This is a must read book for people who want to improve their martial arts and their lives.

J.D. - From the A& E hit TV show, Criss Angel Mindfreak.


Allie has dedicated his life to the martial arts, helping others achieve their dreams and making the world a better place. As a life-long friend, I can attest this book was written from the heart and his beliefs and intentions are pure. This book depicts his personality, drive and compassion for others and the world at large. It is must read for martial artist and business owners. - Patrick Maritato - Expedited World Cargo


I have always been interested in the art of Ninjutsu. I find this book to be a great read for martial artists and non martial artists. The book is filled with great insight. I recommend it to everyone. - Cung Le - UFC Champion -Strike Force middleweight champion, Light Heavyweight San Shou Champion, Light Heavyweight K-1 Super Fight Champion, Actor and Movie Star.

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Praise for "Martial Arts Business 101 - Hooyah Living the Dream"


Allie Alberigo is a long time friend and he has a true passion for the martial arts and people. He is a very creative thinker. Allie's information has always been a great source, toward the growth of my schools and life. People do things for many reasons in life, Allie does what he does because of his passion for life. I recommend this book to all readers.  O'sensei Joe Puleio - American Jiu Jitsu Centers


I have known Allie Alberigo for many years and I can tell you he has a great ability to communicate his ideas, thoughts and concepts through short stories and analogies that everyone can understand, from the person just starting out in a new business to the experienced business entrepreneur. Everyone can learn from the topics discussed in this book from improving your bottom line to become a better person. I can whole heartedly endorse this book. It should be on the bookshelf of any martial arts business owner for a reference to read and re-read through out the year. This book can and will change the way you look at and run your martial arts business. The ideas in this book are worth thousands of dollars!  Shihah John Busto - Busto's Karate and Fitness Plainview, New York


I've had the privilege of working with Allie Alberigo for over 9 years. I admire him for doing something many preach but don't practice. He walks the talk. Allie stays true to his core values which comprise of honesty, selflessness, and integrity. As an accomplished martial artist and businessman he is committed to helping others achieve a higher level of success. I know that the industry is better off because of Allie.  Dina Engel - Chief Operating Officer, Member Solutions Inc.

Martial Arts Business 101 - Hooyah Living The Dream

I consider Allie Alberigo one of my closest friends. In the marital arts industry he is well know for his ethics and friendships. Allie cares about what he does and he is sincere in helping others with his gifts and talents. If you're a school owner this book will provide insight, enlightenment and inspiration for you to reach your goals at a higher level then expected and taking it to the next level. The schools you dream about is in your grasp and this book will teach you how to reach it. John Geyston - Premier Martial arts - Multiple school owner


Allie's book is full of beneficial nuts and bolts business information that is delivered with an enthusiastic, straight forward, sometimes humorous style that is... 100% Allie. Feel the enthusiasm as you venture through each insightful chapter. Kathy Marlor - Director of Consulting - Member Solutions


I have known Mr. Alberigo for many years. We have traveled the world together. I have also had the opportunity to watch Mr. Alberigo lecture on the business side of running a martial arts school. This book will save you thousands of hours of headaches and years trial and error. About running the business side of he martial arts school. Mr. Alberigo has got it down.Randy Weekley 6th degree - Kyoshi Coloroado Ninjutsu Centers - A.T.T.E.C -Tactical Firearms instructor


In the fall of 2006 our academy had been operating for three and a half years and was at a plateau. We had tried the large, popular consulting firms, read industry magazines to get "helpful" advice to no avail and were getting very frustrated as where to turn. My wife and I needed a consultant to help break through the barriers we were facing. Shihan Allie Alberigo and Taking it tot he Next Level have been invaluable to both us and our business. he has been hands on in helping analyze, rejuvenate and break through the barriers in our business. In approximately, two years of consulting with Allie we have tripled our bottom line and created the martial arts school that we have always wanted. Kyoshi' systems have indeed helped us achieve high profits, low stress and high satisfaction.! If you are very serious about working hard and making changes to your business, Shihan Allie's guidance is supreme. We look forward to continuing working with him and reaching new and greater goals.  Chuck and Kara Giangreco - Owner/Chief instructors- Westchester Martial Arts academy, Westchester N.Y.

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The Three Kings


The Three Kings is a story of magic, mysticism, and fantasy. Merrick, Cody, and Teal are three young boys who spend their time studying the martial arts. Having achieved their black belts they spend most of their time studying and training, but on weekends adventure pulses through their veins, and exploration is their favorite word. Every weekend they take a bike ride and hike to Mr. MacGreggor's house who vanished years ago, and play in his Japanese gardens. One day they notice a window open in the home and go inside to take a look. Little did they know, that moment would change their lives forever. Join them on their journey through time, to a land filled with magical creatures, martial arts, and intrigue. The Three Kings are about to draw you into a world you never imagined. This is a book for children ages 4 to 16 years old.


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The 5 Gateways to Happiness!

Just Released!

The 5 Gateways To Happiness!

Shihan Allie Alberigo has been a student of spirituality almost his entire life. Being born of American Indian decent, his beliefs in the law of nature and the esoteric ways, have become a staple in his mindset and how he lives daily.  Allie, has taught 10’s of thousands of students how to live a calmer, happier and peaceful life. Filled with love,  compassion and empathy as well as little stress.  In this book he has shared some simple concepts on how to live the life of your dreams, filled with happiness and meaning. If you are searching for a book that is quick and easy to read but packed with powerful techniques on create a life of fulfillment and desire, then you found the right book.