Allie Alberigo is a martial art teacher and the founder of L.I. Ninjutsu Centers in East and West Islip.  He is the author of five books and a public speaker who has spoken all over the world.  He runs a highly successful personal & business coaching firm and an online marketing, website development company. 

Allie Alberigo Shihan L.I. Ninjutsu Centers

To describe him best - he is first and foremost a father of a beautiful teen age daughter, a martial artist and school owner, owner of a myriad of businesses, business consultant and coach, public speaker, author of four books, actor, creator of ground breaking business systems and ideas as well as an artist. Allie's list of accomplishments are many, but to date his most proudest accomplishment is that of being a father to the most amazing young women "Kiara." Thank you for taking time to peruse his site and delve into the mindset which makes him tick.


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The 5 Gateways To Happiness Book

Shihan Allie Alberigo has been a student of spirituality almost his entire life. Being born of American Indian decent, his beliefs in the law of nature and the esoteric ways, have become a staple in his mindset and how he lives daily.  Allie, has taught 10’s of thousands of students how to live a calmer, happier and peaceful life. Filled with love,  compassion and empathy as well as little stress.  In this book he has shared some simple concepts on how to live the life of your dreams, filled with happiness and meaning. If you are searching for a book that is quick and easy to read but packed with powerful techniques on create a life of fulfillment and desire, then you found the right book.

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